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walking down the aisle on your special day allows you to show the people closest to you part of your soul. Your bouquet should burst with flowers representing endless love, fidelity and happiness. Together we can create magical and unique botanical alchemy.


After an initial consultation we will put together a proposal and quote to ensure we are combining our ideas to then begin the plans for your wedding flowers. To learn more and speak to us, click the button below.


Have you ever wondered where your bridal flowers come from and how they grow? Have you ever wanted to be part of the process?


We are offering you the ability to plan and grow your own wedding flowers, From seed to bouquet. you can plant the first seeds and choose the flowers you want to grow. You can come and visit your flowers to see how they are growing as well as checking in for updates via email or visits.


Use the contact button below to speak to us about growing your own. 


With most venues no longer allowing anything other than biodegradable confetti, we recycle our pesticide free petals into beautiful confetti. 


Our petals are made from a range of flowers including the stunning david austin roses. These petals are individually dried in our greenhouse under the british sun. 


if you have a colour scheme in mind, we can grow matching flowers in advance.  


Use the button below to contact us about biodegradable confetti. 

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The Botanical Alchemist