You want the flowers you buy to mean more. You have someone in mind. You want to show them how much they mean to you. We believe flowers are more than just decoration. We work with the power of Botanical Alchemy to harness the true essence of flowers and create arrangements that elicit a real connection and emotional impact.

Let the alchemy begin...



Your wedding flowers should be much more than simply adding colour or looking pretty. The Botanical Alchemist gives you the unique opportunity to select flowers with a deeper meaning and even grow you own wedding flowers that elicit emotion and demonstrate the love you feel for each other. 


We use Botanical Alchemy to create arrangements that reflect the way your loved one made you feel - Their strength, their passion, their kindess, their love. We create truly personalised and meaningful arrangements using the power and symbology of flowers to help you say goodbye.  

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The Botanical Alchemist